Junk mail art by Aurora Robson

Aurora Robson is a Canadian artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Much of her art is made from junk mail and other things that people tend to detest.

Rather than letting waste materials go to landfill or recycling, Aurora uses them to create the exact opposite of waste; bright, complex, feminine and timeless pieces of art. Junk mail is one her favourite materials. In her own words:

The activity of opening up the mail and finding a depressing mass of garbage and credit card applications is now a pleasant experience wherein I find a new batch of art supplies. The language and costly graphic devices and fancy printing used in junk mail give it a persuasive, positive and personal flavor, making it great fodder.

A community of free radicals, by Aurora Robson
A community of free radicals
Cosmic wheel, by Aurora Robson
Cosmic wheel
Inga, by Aurora Robson
Ever dwindling circles of remorse, by Aurora Robson
Ever dwindling circles of remorse
The only mystery of matter is that it exists, by Aurora Robson
The only mystery of matter is that it exists
The otherside, by Aurora Robson
The otherside

Many thanks to Aurora for giving me permission to publish some of her junk mail collages on this page. Do visit her website: aurorarobson.com.