George Blakely's junk mail trees

The photos below have been kindly send to me by George Blakely, professor of art at the Florida State University. He started making 'junk mail trees' in 1988 when he moved to a property with a rather large garden in Tallahassee, Florida.

I wanted to reforest the plot and have done so with natural trees and 'artistic' ones., Mr Blakely told me. The junk trees are an ongoing project and go along with my other art work that also intersects with my environment lifestyle. I recycle almost everything – and I do mean everything – by turning waste into art.

My favourite museums are my house and yard where I frequently host bus loads of school children studying recycling on field trips.

Three of George Blakely's junk mail trees amids real trees.
A close-up of the junk mail trees - the paper is no longer readable.
Four junk mail trees.
Another four junk mail trees, planted in a neat row.
Another close-up of a junk mail tree. The paper is slowly decomposing.
Three junk mail trees leaning against a real tree.