The Centennial Society's business reply pamphlet

We all know that pre-paid envelopes can be used to return unwanted junk mail to the sender (at the sender's expense). Some folk get quite creative and return junk mail from one company to another, and visa versa. Apparently, there are even people who glue pre-paid envelopes to bricks.

The Centennial Society, a radical anti-consumerist movement, has come up with a more arty way of returning junk mail. Pre-paid envelopes can be used to send people working in the junk mail industry information about how to break free. No junk mailer really likes his job; wasting tonnes and tonnes of paper on useless advertisements makes few people feel good about themselves. The Business Reply Pamphlet shows them the way to freedom…

A drawing of a man stuffing letters in an office.
A drawing instructing how to push over an office desk.
A drawing instructing office workers how to smash and burn an office.
A drawing of office workers going burning their office.
A drawing of office workers who have become hippies.
A drawing of office workers (now hippies) around a camp-fire.
A drawing of toilets with plants and veggies growing in them.
A drawing of a hippie community living in an office.

The eight images on this page are all published with the permission of Packard Jennings / The Centennial Society. There are eight more images on the Society's website; do check them out. [ Link removed as the website no longer exists, JB ]