Junk mail art

Tara Johnson's return to sender envelopes

Painted envelopes by Tara Johnson.

Tara Johnson, AKA The Post Whisperer shows how to get creative with your junk mail…

Michelle Reader's junk mail postie

Michelle Reader's junk mail postie.

If you've watched the recent That's Britain item on junk mail you'll recognise this impressive junk mail postie. It's the creation of London-based artist Michelle Reader, who specialises in making sculptures from a wide range of waste materials.

The Centennial Society's business reply pamphlet

A business reply pamphlet by the Centennial Society.

The Centennial Society has come up with an arty way of returning junk mail: use those pre-paid envelopes to send people working in the junk mail industry information about how to break free…

No Junk Mail' signs by New Folder

'No Junk Mail' signs in Birmingham, by New Folder.

A collection of 'No Junk Mail' signs in Birmingham, photographed by Billy Fallaws (AKA New Folder).

Tom Burtonwood and Holly Holmes

Junk mail art by Tom Burtonwood and Holly Holmes.

Tom Burtonwood and Holly Holmes create art that combines pop culture and anti-war messages.

Junk mail art by Aurora Robson

Junk mail art by Aurora Robson.

Aurora Robson is a Canadian artist living and working in Brooklyn, New York. Much of her art is made from junk mail and other things that people tend to detest.

Junk mail art by Sandy Schimmel

Junk mail art by Sandy Schimmel

Who needs stained-glass portraits when you got junk mail?

Junk mail illustrations by Eloise O'Hare

Junk mail art by Eloise O'Hare.

Ever wondered who made those lovely illustrations that are scattered around this website? It's Eloise O'Hare.

George Blakely's junk mail trees

Junk mail trees by George Blakely.

George Blakely, a professor of art and artist living in Florida, has some rather unusual trees in his garden…

Tom Ballhatchet's hamster powered shredder

Tom Ballhatchet's hamster powered shredder.

Here's an alternative way of getting rid of junk mail: a hamster powered (junk mail) shredder.

Alan Waddell's arty letterboxes

Arty letterbox, photographed by Alan Waddell.

Alan Waddell, aged 93, has walked 264 of Sydney's 637 suburbs. On his way he takes photos of interesting things he comes across – including letterboxes.