Stop Junk Mail is a not-for-profit junk mail advice service. This website provides free and independent information about stopping unsolicited mail.

I'm slowly winding down my career as anti-junk mail campaigner. At some point this year I'm hoping to replace this website with just an extended and updated Guide to stamping out junk mail. Various sections on the website, such as the blogs and forum are effectively dead. As of April 2019 I've also stopped selling anti-junk mail stickers and return to sender labels.

If you'd like to be involved in the creation of the new website or if you have any urgent junk mail related questions, please feel free to get in touch.

The Diary

Campaign update

4th January 2019

People looking at this blog might be under the impression that the Stop Junk Mail campaign is pretty much dead. That's a fair conclusion, though there is still some live left in the campaign.

The end of the Royal Junk Mail blog

10th June 2018

I've stopped keeping track of the leaflets Royal Mail shoves through my door. The reason: since February I'm getting very little Royal Junk Mail.

Last updated: 
31st March 2019